I Propose to Champion the Defense of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter on the World Stage in US District Court Against the Ancient Evil of the Jews and Their Modern Day Menace of IsraeHell.

Give me a place to stand in the Courtroom before the duly selected jury of his peers. And I will proceed to present the case of self defense against the jews and their IsraeHell. I will try for an acquittal. Yes a unanimous vote of not guilty on all counts.
One of the first defense moves would be to take the initiative in voir dire. A motion such that there not be a single jew on the jury. Because of the math. In a jury consisting of twelve, each represents one twelfth of the population. Jews consist of about six million out of over three hundred million which is about 2% or about one fiftieth. One fiftieth is nowhere near one twelfth hence there should not be anywhere near one jew on the jury.
Like a pack of wolves among each herd of sheep.
The dhs/fbi agents and operatives and confidential informants are like lone wolves among the sheep.
Really. What it is called to do so is “sheep dipping”. See The Age of Surveillance by Frank J. Donner.
You, my fellow citizens, are the sheep.
I look forward to interrogating these dhs/fbi agents. Do you even realize how unconstitutional and illegal what you are doing is?
I look forward to meeting whatever fool US attorney is sent against me. How can you justify US collusion with apartheid terrorist IsraeHell and international killers Mossad agents? I will tell all this to the jury. I believe they will listen and believe me, not their own government employees who are paid with their hard earned taxpayers dollars.
I will express my appreciation to the Pittsburgh police for doing their job well. Not killing Mr. Bowers and getting him prompt medical attention. Get them on the witness stand; I will concede every point of fact by the police and medical examiners. Because that is not at issue to the defense.
What is at issue is a citizen’s right to self defense, especially against attack by the jews and IsraeHell and one’s own government at best negligence, at worst collusion.
Bring on all these federal government lackeys. Because I will occupy the moral high ground. They will have to crawl out from under rocks into the light of day, of Truth.
People of the World, behold the Beginning of the End of IsraeHell.

About rwm4prez2012

Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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