Open Letter to the Green Party of the U.S. Steering Committee. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I have recently received my Greenline, the monthly newsletter of the GPUS. I note that there is to be a National Steering Committee meeting for “Strategic Planning”. This “…retreat…” “…gathering…” is to take place in Camden, NJ at the end of November.
WELL! I must say…this is either a HUGE coincidence, OR, I take it to be a thoughtful, affirmative response to my call for a Boycott/Strike against the GP and LP.
Pending a steering committee or ad hoc committee emergency meeting on strategy and security in Philadelphia, PA. Camden is right across the Delaware river from Philadelphia and I am very familiar with this area having been born and raised in or near Camden County, NJ. I presently live near Camden and am a member of GPNJ, which I assume is to be the host state party.
Further, this seems to be an acknowledgement and accommodation of my disability, which I deeply appreciate. I self describe it as a complex of clinical depression and neurasthenia. Objectively I may appear to be a loner, a malingerer and lazy. Whereas actually I have found over the years that if I get quiet in familiar surroundings and plenty of rest, I feel better and am more productive. Rest therapy was actually one of the best treatments for neurasthenia, what was called “shell shock” during WW1. Hence travel is difficult for me. I have traveled in my van over the years. I assume travel in an rv would be more comfortable. So I did get one but it is not quite roadworthy yet.
So I say very well then. To those who support a boycott/strike I say stand down until after this meeting.
I will prepare myself for this meeting. I suggest and propose that at least one rv be used or rented to accommodate transportation needs of some Steering Committee members and their entourage. I personally have no entourage. I request that an rv pick me up to attend the beginning of this meeting at which time I will make my presentation of Top Ten Plus PLAS and plans for actions by the party to win the 2020 election. Followed by a discussion/question and answer period. Then I will retire to the rv for rest and possible further meeting and meetups. Then I would ask to be taken home. Leaving the Steering Committee to its work and decisions.

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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