Further Treachery at Jewish Owned Independent Political Report. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

The most recent comment on PLAS Open Thread ii relating to the proposed Green Party Steering Committee meeting in Camden, NJ at the end of November HAS BEEN DELETED.
Then Chuck Moulton commented that a LNC meeting was not live streamed. “RIP IPR”. Then paulie xaulie cannoli banali Frankel whined about his fat blood pressure and lazy failure to live stream the LNC meeting. And his asthma. I AM FURIOUS!
I was actually going to respond here that I was sorry to hear about your health problems. And maybe it is time that Warren Solomon Redlich sold IPR to a gentile-American -at a f’n fair price of course- or to a politically diverse collective like I originally suggested. And hold IPR as an archive mostly and transfer most functions to The PLAS Place like I originally suggested. And maybe further, paulie, why don’t you give it up, this treachery? If you really are a radical libertarian, which I actually believe why do you evidently spy and sabotage your fellow libertarians, your fellow Americans, your friends? And maybe further, why don’t you help a New Jewish Exodus to the Sinai peninsula, like I have proposed? Maybe the desert air would be good for your asthma and bronchitis and elephantitis?
But Nooooooooooooooooooo!
It is bad enough to be banned from IPR. Worse to be quarantined to one thread, PLAS OPEN Thread 1 & 2. But then to have those comments subject to deletion?
Kind of like it is bad enough to be persecuted by the powers that be, including the duopoly reactionary democrats and republicans, via the dhs/fbi agents, we then have to deal with exponentially more via the Israeli Mossad operating within the USA with their green light wink wink nod nod of impunity?
I call on someone at IPR to repost the comment by Quiet Observer. If it has been permanently deleted, then someone post it verbatim if possible.
See: https://independentpoliticalreport.com/2011/06/plas-open-thread-ii/

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