Israel Is Stealing Much If Not Most of the Stimulus Money? -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

The following comment was deleted from Ballot Access News on Sunday, April 26 from 8:20 pm to 10:22 pm.
Robert Milnes on April 26 2020 at 8:20 pm said:
Here is my nightmare scenario which I am starting to believe is true.
Israel is stealing much if not most of the stimulus money. Hundreds of BILLIONS if not a TRILLION or two.
How? Not directly of course. Mnuchin doesn’t hand a Treasury check to Netanyahu in a photo op in front of the new US Embassy -illegally-in Jerusalem.
No, via legitimate claims pursuant to the recent Congressional legislation signed by Trump.
Israeli companies and individual jews get the funding and launder it to various banks around the world owned or controlled by Israel or jews.
Israel has The Samson Option. To threaten to detonate about 200 nuclear bombs in ground bursts.
Why risk shot down/destroyed ICBMs? The ground becomes contaminated. The fallout goes into the atmosphere around the world creating a nuclear winter.
That coincides with my suspicion that Israel launched the COVID-19 in China. False Flag operation. China gets the blame. They also spread the infection to its arch enemy, Iran. Double play. Then they bring it to USA. Disrupt the US elections. Trump gets reelected. Triple play. Israel funnels stimulus funds indirectly to Israeli control. HOME RUN!

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