Open Letter to The UNITED STATES District Court for Western Pennsylvania in the case of the alleged Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter CR 18-292/ -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

/Notice of Intent to File Petition of Amicus Curiae.

COMES NOW the Petitioner, Robert Milnes, Appearing before this Honorable Court, with important information in the interests of justice. Appearance is via weblog, email to defense counsel’s law firm in San Diego, first class UNITED STATES mail for copy of this Open Letter to defense counsel UNITED STATES Attorney and This Honorable Court and subsequent copy of Petitioner’s Brief of Amicus Curiae via first class UNITED STATES mail, Certified, return receipt requested. OR, if it please the Court, this Open Letter by its authority and discretion, Court could construe this Open Letter as Petitioner’s Brief.
Petitioner claims to have formulated the definitive defense in this case. The defense counsel is evidently not presenting this defense to This Honorable Court as it does not involve a plea bargain. Defense counsel has been reported in various media to seek a plea bargain in order to remove the death penalty. The US Attorney has reported being adamant in retaining the death penalty.
The definitive defense is an affirmative defense of not guilty by reason of self defense and the defense of others.
The rationale is that Israel is a terrorist state. Further, the jews zealously support Israel. Therefore the jews are international terrorists. Its intelligence agency, the Mossad, are well known to be international operatives of various covert operations including within the USA up to and including the murder of its opponents.
I have personal experience and evidence of some such covert operations and am willing to file an affidavit and/or testify about them. Much other supportive evidence is available to defense counsel.
I am presently a declared candidate for the Green party’s presidential nomination. This is my fifth election cycle as a declared third party and/or independent candidate for president. The PLAS Place is my campaign blog. It is in good standing with WordPress. I intend to send further my Brief of Amicus Curiae. Via first class UNITED STATES mail, certified, return receipt requested. I presently live near Camden, New Jersey which is near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Yes, I have had two cases in US Courts; one in Philadelphia as criminal defendant in 1985 and one as plaintiff in the District of New Jersey, Camden, in 2017. Both went to the UNITED STATES Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. True, I lost both, but I did gain valuable experience in US Courts. I request the opportunity to present my defense formulation to the defendant, and with his, and This Honorable Court’s permission, to the jury.
I am presently on SSI disability. My disability is MDD, major depressive disorder. However I am able to participate in this case via the internet; timely with the present pandemic. I have sufficient capability personally and the hardware and software. I have a new tenth Gen HP I7 laptop with ATT service. Also I could drive to Pittsburgh in my fully legal and operative rv to accommodate my disability. I offer my services pro bono. My email address will be on my email to defense counsel. My home address will be on the US mail. I have three phones. They are available to Court upon request.
The PLAS Place URL is:

WHEREFORE, Having appeared and presented my Open Letter on weblog and my Notice of Intent to File Petitioner’s Amicus Curiae Brief, Petitioner submits his request for RELIEF from This Honorable Court.

Robert Milnes 5/4/2020

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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