Petitioner’s Amicus Curiae Brief.



v. . . . . Case Number: CR 18 292

Robert Bowers, defendant

COMES NOW the Petitioner, Robert Milnes, a Citizen from the neighboring Great State of New Jersey, offering his service pro bono to This Honorable Court in the interests of justice. Certain terrible acts of violence have occurred in This Court’s jurisdiction, which it seeks to understand and administer justice as authorized by The UNITED STATES, Plaintiff.
Petitioner claims to have much relevant information to this case. Including his own formulation of the definitive, affirmative defense. Further, the defense counsel evidently is not pursuing this defense as it does NOT involve a plea bargain. Defense counsel has been reported in various media as seeking a plea bargain disposition in order to avoid the death penalty. The US Attorney has been reported as adamantly seeking the death penalty.
Petitioner submits to This Court that the definitive defense in this case is the affirmative defense of not guilty by reason of self defense and the defense of others.
The rationale is that the jews are an ancient phenomenon. They have no homeland. The jews are uniquely toxic to all others. The jewish state of Israel is an apartheid, theocratic, terrorist state. There would be a certain burden of proof or sufficient evidence to these statements as fact. Further, the jews worldwide zealously support Israel. Therefore logically the jews are international terrorists. Including those within the USA, numbering about 6 million.
Israel’s intelligence, surveillance and covert operations organization, the Mossad, are well known internationally for secret operations including in the USA and up to and including covert murder of Israel’s political opponents. Its analogous organization in the USA is the FBI and CIA. They are also internationally known for various surveillance and covert operations both domestic and foreign. I believe they pass off most of their domestic political operations to the Mossad for various reasons.
This defense would require the defendant to plead not guilty, which he has done so far. But that is fairly standard procedure. Then he should request a jury of his peers and present an affirmative defense. This is pending.
Fast forward to a successful defense which would be a dismissal, hung jury or not guilty verdict. The defendant would then be released. It seems incredible that an accused mass shooter could be so released. The jews and the government would have to promptly decide what to do.
Fortunately I have already formulated a proposal. The jews could be all sent to an isolated area. I have suggested the Sinai peninsula. It already borders Israel. It is sparsely inhabited. The indigenous Bedouins number approximately 400,000; they could be relocated. International jewry numbers about 18 million. It could be guarded on all sides, mostly by a UN peacekeeping force and Egyptian and Palestinian border security forces. The jews could police themselves. But they should not be allowed to have their own nation state, standing army or nuclear material except for medical purposes, or interact with others. The jews are toxic to all others. They could live in peace free of the hatred and violence. This should be accomplished via the United Nations, whose decision to partition Palestine led to the formation of Israel. Which the UNITED STATES should not block with its veto.

Wherefore, Petitioner, having presented its information to This Honorable Court, hereby moves the Court for relief.

Respectfully Submitted (published on weblog),

Robert Milnes 5/8/2020

Certificate of Service.

I hereby certify that I will send by first class UNITED STATES mail, Certified, return receipt requested, a true and correct copy of my Petitioner’s Amicus Curiae Brief to Court Clerk, defense counsel, US attorney.

Robert Milnes 5/8/2020

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