Avens O’Brien is Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

see: https://independentpoliticalreport.com/2020/05/avens-obrien-politics-is-a-joke-but-what-if-the-libertarian-party-was-in-on-it/#comments
I counted six references by O’Brien such that the Libertarian Party ticket in 2020 cannot and/or will not win.
Now, if you substitute “Libertarian party” with “Progressive/Libertarian fusion ticket” then I say O’Brien is wrong.
Further, I believe O’Brien has been duped/groomed into supporting Supreme/Cohen by Israel/The Mossad. Further, it goes back to at least 2016 with McAfee/Weiss. O’Brien reveals that Judd Weiss is her “long-term partner”. And that her mother is an LP co-founder. That goes back to the early 1970’s. So there is the geographic coincidence of O’Brien and Supreme.
I have read Supreme’s Wikipedia page. His notoriety is clearly to me leftist. How did he get to libertarianism-recently? Actually my Wikipedia would-if anyone wrote one-look remarkably like Supreme’s. I knew a charismatic/theatrical personality in my daze in Boulder, Colorado. John Davenport. The last time I saw him he was in municipal court making noises making fun of the proceedings etc. He was a leftist anarchist, associated with Dr. McFarland, also a leftist anarchist associated with the Green party. Robert, John and I spent a lot of time together for a time. The last I heard of Davenport he had committed suicide in the Canary Islands in a cave, letting some boy receive his Social Security checks until they stopped.
Dr. McFarland “died” in 2008 in what I would call suspicious circumstances. Kind of like Dr. Marc Feldman.
Not to mention David Nolan. But I digress.
Briefly Top Six would “level the playing field” if the six parties that cover the entire political spectrum had full ballot access. Dems, Reps, Reform/Alliance the centrist reactionary parties, GP,LP,CP the left/right parties. The polling would go from dem/rep near 50/50 to all six being about 13% to 27% and all possibly within range to possibly win the election.
PLAS is the nomination of a GP/LP fusion ticket that would produce a 42/29/29 close three way race and victory.
Now, how is it that O’Brien has heard-a LOT-about Vermin Supreme but evidently not heard about me and/or Top Ten/Six Plus PLAS? Or maybe mostly negative things? I first tried a fusion ticket in 2008. I asked Dr. Mary Ruwart to bolt the LP and join my ticket. I tried to explain fusion ticket to her. She politely declined via email. I started calling it PLAS-Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy around 2011. Promptly starting The PLAS Place blog. That is about when I was banned from commenting at Independent Political Report owned by Warren “Solomon” Redlich. My ex girlfriend Nancy McCusker Benson, PhD “died” of cancer in 2012. I found out in 2013, at about the time something odd happened to William S. Saturn.
Here are my suggestions for the present LP online nomination proceedings.
1. Delay until early July. If the GP nominates a fusion ticket, it would be a simple matter to nominate that ticket also.
2. Await the result of my Amicus Curiae Brief in US District Court for Western PA. It is a possible game changer re: GP and LP.
3. Investigate Supreme/Cohen as following McAfee/Weiss.
4. Investigate Paul Frankel and Sir Richard Winger.
I believe paulie has been spying on the LP for years.
And Richard has had plenty of opportunity to endorse Top Ten/Six Plus PLAS but has not. That is very pro Israel and suspicious.
Richard and I have-not so much recently-had several email conversations over the years. We were supposed to meet in NC at a Green party convention and also at a COFOE meeting in NYC. Our meet ups did not happen. I all but begged Richard to endorse PLAS and recently in BAN comments, endorse Top Ten/Six. Nothing. For or against publicly.
5. Investigate William S. Saturn. I do not think there is an actual real person there.
I believe the LP and GP are heavily infiltrated and controlled by Israel. Start there.
Now take a look at how many jewish names are in here. There are a LOT more in MY life.
Judd Weiss, Spike Cohen, (Larry Sharpe?), Paul Frankel, Richard Winger, Warren Redlich, Dr. Marc Feldman. William S. Saturn?

possibly a GP and LP game changer. i.e. the beginning of the ernd of Israel.
3. Conduct your own investigation of Supreme/Cohen as following McAfee/Weiss.

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