USA Third Parties: If You Build It, They Will Come. -by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

For the most part, the most significant problem with third parties in the USA is Duverger’s Law. This sociological phenomenon, worldwide, involves the phenomenon of elections. The way elections are conducted, seemingly fairly, actually produce a predominately two party system elevating the centrist, reactionary parties while suppressing the outlier parties.
The remedy? Actions which alter this dynamic:
Top Ten/Six. Level The Playing Field.
Plus PLAS. The Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy. A Fusion Ticket Plus a PLAS Campaign.
In the USA, six parties fairly represent the entire political spectrum. They are: Democratic 17%, Republican 17%, Green 27%, Constitution 27%, Libertarian 13%, Reform/Alliance X/unknown/variable %. If these six parties had full ballot access nationally, that would tend to “level the playing field”. i.e. result in a more representative polling of people voting more consistently with their actual political beliefs. The Libertarian Vote has been researched to be 13% by The Cato Institute. It is in effect a centrist party in that it is “between the leftist Green and rightist Constitution parties. Libertarians claim to be neither leftist or rightist but are actually so extremely rightist that they overlap the political spectrum to the left. The new Alliance party seems to be centrist and coinciding with the previous Reform party. Duverger’s Law strongly suppresses a third centrist party. So this party, like the Reform party, has little chance of sustained success. Top Ten just means that four Independent tickets could be ideally included in full ballot access but this would be not necessary for fair and representative elections.
So, election reform in the USA should consist of full ballot access for the six parties to level the playing field. AND an approximately 50/50 ratio of Green and Constitution elected candidates for a stable status quo government. But, for a stable progressive government, a 50/50 ratio of Green and Libertarian elected candidates, hence PLAS.
Actually the Green party on its own initiative has the capability to bypass election reform and go directly to PLAS. Simply nominate a fusion ticket and conduct a PLAS campaign. The Libertarian party could also do this but is far less likely to.
A simple way of stating this would be replace Democrats with Greens, Republicans with Libertarians.
As the polling goes down for the democrats and republicans, it should go up for the other four. Then PLAS should poll the Green 27% plus the Libertarian 13% to 40%, possibly 42%. That would be a close plurality victory in a three way race for the PLAS ticket. Remember, Clinton won in 1992 with 42% and Wilson won in 1912 with 42%.
Build a PLAS fusion ticket. Build a PLAS campaign. The polling will gradually change.
If you build it, they will come.

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