As a Longtime Third Party Activist, I Hesitate to Get the Covid Vaccination Because I Do Not Trust the Government.

In 2005 my friend -with a very high I.Q.- got ADEM, Acute Disseminating Encephalomylitis shortly after visiting his doctor’s office. That doctor was Amy Solomon, MD, of Boulder Creek, CA. I spoke with her on the phone about it at the time.

He is still recovering.

So it is not a matter of the vaccine or the science behind it. I am confident in that. I would vote for Dr. Fauci as the Nation’s Sexiest Man. It is a matter of longtime surveillance and resultant covert operations. By the government and/or operatives.

Plus there is a very important criminal case that should be coming up soon in which I filed an Amicus Curiae Brief: the case of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting against Robert Bowers.

Another relevant experience I had was my illegal eviction in 2013 in Camden County. Simply it was illegal because I missed a rent payment. When I showed up a Court a few minutes late I was told there was a Default Judgement. A few days later my landlord asked to talk. He said if you sign this, I will give you three months before you have to leave. But I had to pay those three months rent. Of course I was suspicious but I did not know what else to do. I had no attorney. So I paid and signed. But I could not leave; I had nowhere else to go. This was in December.

I wound up filing a Pro Se Order to Show Cause. Attending was Judge Laskin, my landlord Ray Michitti with his attorney Lori Greenberg. Michitti was rumored to be developing Alzheimer’s Disease. The Judge Denied my petition.

I wound up homeless living in an alley in my old dilapidated rv. I packed as much of my stuff as I could in that rv. I wound up losing a lot of stuff-to my landlord! Tools, clothes, appliances, furniture. AND my security deposit!

It turns out what I signed was a Consent to Vacate, an agreement without Court approval. If the landlord accepts any money from the tenant in a Default Judgement it voids it! Further later I realized ALL THE COURT OFFICERS were Jewish, including my attorney who had bailed. David Podell of Legal Aid. Mr Ginsberg, the Director had emailed me saying they had to drop my case for lack of funding. So I was in that Court BY MYSELF.

Now in the Bowers case, we have the US Attorney Scott Brady resigning. This is consistent with all US attorneys being subject to a new Administration. The Acting US Attorney is Stephen Kaufman. I do not know if he is Jewish. He may very well be. Bowers’ attorney is Judy Clarke. I do not think she is Jewish. However I have not heard ANYTHING from her or the Court other than my Return Receipts from Certified Mail. The new Administration is Joe Biden, not Jewish(Catholic) and his wife is Jill Jacobs Biden. I believe of Jewish ancestry. Vice President Kamala Harris probably not Jewish, and her husband Douglas Emhoff, probably Jewish.

The new Attorney General is Merrick Garland who is jewish. He was nominated for the US Supreme Court by Obama. At the time, before the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, there was two Jewish Supreme Court justices out of nine. That is 22%. Jews are about 2% of the U.S. population. If Garland had been nominated that would have been three 33 1/3%! Now he is-not coincidently- I say, Stephen Kaufman’s direct boss. I ask: Is Kaufman Jewish?

Now I say Robert Bowers is by himself in Federal Custody. The Court is UNRELIABLE but in fairness so far Judge Ambrose has acted fairly under the circumstances. His attorney, Judy Clarke I say is UNRELIABLE. She is Court appointed and is renown for negotiating plea bargains for high profile defendants. I wrote Bowers advising him to NOT PLEA BARGAIN. I have no idea whether Bowers received my letter. I speak from PERSONAL experience in the matter. I was held without bail and only had a Jewish Federal Defender attorney in Federal Court in 1985. He advised me to plea bargain. I call it “sweating” a plea bargain out of a defendant. Turns out the whole case against me was bogus and was pursued by the FBI for political reasons. But it took me years after the fact to figure that out. Of course I was suspicious but did not know what else to do. Sound familiar? Bowers is doomed -the death penalty is on the table-when he actually should get a not guilty or dismissal.

I say I can get that for him. I can take his case to a jury of his peers and get that from fair minded American jurors. Speaking of which, there should not be a single Jew on the jury. As previously said, Jews are about 2% of Americans. There are 12 jurors. Each represents about 8 1/3% of the American people. Rounded off to 8%, that is 1/4 of a juror. Even if there was twice as many Jewish Americans, that would still be only 1/2 a juror. I can Champion his case. If only I had such a Champion in 1985.

Israel is an Apartheid by definition, theocratic, counterrevolutionary terrorist state. It should not be an ally of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It should not be allowed to exist AT ALL.

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