The Pittsburgh Synagogue Mass Shooter Should Be Zealously Defended to Acquittal/Hung Jury-by The Left Including Libertarians. -By Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

ADVISORY: IMO The UNITED STATES is heading towards catastrophic political upheaval unless certain changes are made; including neutralizing the Electoral College, perhaps via the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, neutralizing Duverger’s Law, perhaps via Top Ten, and neutralizing the racist apartheid, nuclear armed terrorist state of Israel via the United Nations.

It is the latter that this post will include.

Also be advised that I have formulated another viable alternative to Israel for the World’s jewry via the U.N. Simply it consists of persuading Egypt to allow the approximately 18 million jews to live in the Sinai Penninsula under some sort of self policing under the supervision of the U.N. They must not be allowed to have a nation-state, or military or nuclear capability or to interact with any other people financially or genetically.

I will be writing further about this in future posts.

Now, be advised that I have sent communications to the Federal Defenders, Judge and Magistrate, and defendant in this case. I am awaiting response.

I believe the defendant, Robert Bowers, has a viable defense in this case; that of self defense. Assuming it could be satisfactorily demonstrated to the jury that Israel is engaged in international terrorism including in the U.S. AND the jews zealously support Israel. The activities of the HIAS could be construed as furthering terrorism in the U.S. by bringing into the U.S. virtually certain terrorists i.e. supporters of a terrorist state.

One of the first motions by the defense should be to exclude any jews from the jury at voir dire. On the ground of a jury of his peers would have a mathematical equivalence of less than one. That is in a jury of twelve each juror is 1/12 or about 8%. In the USA present day jews are about 6 million out of about well over 300 million.  i.e. about 2%. A single jew on the jury would be a 400% overrepresentation. In the alternative, no more than one jew should be allowed on the jury.

Relatedly, the U.S. Supreme Court currently consists of two jews out of nine judges. Each judge is 1/9 or about 11%. Two judges is about 22%. Jewish Americans are about again 2% which means the Supreme Court is about 1100% overrepresented. Further, Judge Merrick Garland, nominated for the Court in 2016, if approved, would have been further dramatic, spectacular shocking overrepresentation.

Let us consider the consequences of a not guilty/acquittal in this case. Almost certainly mostly rightists would be considering further massacres. The Jews would be considering further defenses/countermeasures. And the police would be considering the futility of engaging actually well armed and capable attackers who would eventually be exonerated. Why send police into virtual combat with capable defenders to no avail? I would guess they would not, developing strategies to contain the situation. The police would then demand some sort of federal government policy change involving the jews and Israel.

Further, what is applicable to the jews and Israel could also be applied to federal agents and the U.S. government. Government agents routinely surveil and engage in various covert operations against citizens for political reasons. Most of which is illegal and/or unconstitutional. Actually federal agents routinely engage in covert operations which place the police in the front lines. e.g. the shooting of Dallas police officer J.D. Tippit and 9/11. Assuming 9/11 was a joint U.S. intelligence, Mossad Israeli intelligence and Saudi intelligence covert operation. The police might actually take to attacking federal agents in retaliation/self defense in support of themselves and innocent civilians.

Assuming collusion between U.S. agents and the Mossad, the U.S. agents exponentially increase their manpower and resources and the Mossad gets to attack their enemies in the USA with secrecy and impunity. That would tend to put the U.S. military in a war situation with Israel. The police and the military being allies against the FBI/DHS and the Mossad/Israel. Which side would Trump take? Therefore I predict the police/military overthrow of the government.

Relatedly, recent events put Trump in conflict with the military over Russia. One might wonder whether there is a Russia/Israel nexus of collusion. Again, I predict a police/military overthrow of the Trump radically pro Israel government/administration.

To be continued…

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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