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A Call for a Military Solution to America’s Political Problems.

Yes, a military coup. I do not say this lightly. In third party politics, a military coup is thought of as the ultimate catastrophe. The worst case scenario. Police State politics. Martial Law. The soldiers in black in black helicopters … Continue reading

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The 2016 Election: How Do I Rig Thee? Let Me Count the Ways.

1. American elections are most votes makes winner and winner takes all. This has been going on for decades, centuries. In most elections all over the world throughout history. This has a very strong tendency to result in a contest … Continue reading

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Abraham Zapruder, JFK Assassination Filmer: Another jewish Coincidence?

This morning I was watching CBS This Morning. Unfortunately high winds made the picture from my digital antenna bad. But I did gather that they covered the Zapruder film on this the 53rd anniversary of that terrible day(actually the day … Continue reading

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Behold! The Donald, Savior of The GOP. Delivered to You by The Wizard of ZOG!

The American election system is, with few and fleeting exceptions, a fairly close contest between the two reactionary parties, the democrats and republicans. If you were to have enough power, you could choreograph an ebb and flow of support/suppression of … Continue reading

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OMG! What if The ZOG Wanted Trump to Win All Along?

Israel is a racist, apartheid, counterrevolutionary theocracy. In America, the third party counterrevolutionary theocrats are represented by the Constitution party. It, like all the third parties and independents cannot win in the USA due to Duverger’s Law. BUT, however, a … Continue reading

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America, You Want Change. OMG! You Got It.

I remember when George Bush was elected. OMG, he’s actually going to win! And…OMG, he’ll probably get reelected! 8 years of this moron!? In Germany, a huge rise in anti government neo Nazis. A direct result of increasingly allowing foreigners, … Continue reading

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Proposal for Court Ordered Remedy for Present Elections Situation: Top Ten.

At this late date in the election cycle, it still might be possible to remedy the present unfair and unrepresentative election situation. I call it Top Ten. This is my proposed remedy to Duverger’s Law, which is an unfair and … Continue reading

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