Darcy, Tom, Tamara, I am Locked and Loaded, Able and Willing to Hit the Road Running! Let’s Go!…OOPS!

Darcy just commented in IPR that he is, somewhat reluctantly (?), “willing to give it a whirl”. It being his and Tom’s vision of a fusion ticket/campaign. He will be in the Constitution party and Peace and Freedom party primaries in March! Campaign slogan, borrowed from Nixon, perhaps to be “bring us together”.
Uh-oh. Darcy, no! You have stumbled right off the bat. Most of that time until March would be wasted time. Fortunately it is not too late to get started NOW!
First of all, you need to listen to ME! Directly. Top Priority. I am the foremost authority in matters involving fusion ticket/campaign. I took Tom’s visionary glasses and tried them on. GEEZ! Tom, do you really see things like this? Well, a bit myopic, astigmatic, some depth perception problems, blurry but I can work with it. You need some corrective lenses so to speak. Can do.
Darcy, contact me directly. We are Friends on Facebook. IM me asap. Also I have 3 phones/numbers. But actually I prefer email. I am in a protracted email conversation right now for example, with Kris Lesiak. I prefer it for several reasons. There is also commenting here at TPP, but I defer to you.
My first recommendation would be to declare for the Green party’s nomination asap. And join the party and register as a Green as I have done. I will keep my status as actively campaigning for the GP nomination as a reserve, in case things don’t work out. Sorry, but With or without you permission. I used to think that the LP nomination was the third party “crown jewel”. But, no, it is the GP nomination with full ballot access. Tom is right about campaign laws, rules, regulations etc. The LP is tangled up in by-laws regarding the vice presidency and fusion. The GP is not. The nominee basically has carte blanche. Campaign with Tom or Tamara or someone else, but the vp should be a libertarian, preferably a radical woman. Chosen from the Radical Libertarian caucus would be ideal. I have been trying this for years so it may not be as easy as it sounds. That is why I asked Tom to deliver his wife!
Next, press release. Then begin campaign with your/Tom’s ideas about ” bring us together”. BUT, include Top Ten. Your campaign will get the four major third parties, Green, Libertarian, Constitution, Reform, on ALL ballots with “your” help. This is to “level the playing field”. Every voter will have a candidate they can relate to and has a realistic chance to win. There will be no “choosing the lesser of two evils”, or “wasted votes”. No more blue, red or purple states. All votes will count. May the best candidate-for America-win.
And Darcy, you are correct about educating the voters. Most importantly they must be educated to vote in our vote coordination plan to arrange a 50/50 ballots for Green and Libertarian candidates. That is Green and libs must not just vote straight up and down for their one party. They must select EITHER a Green OR a Libertarian for each ballot so as to not split the coordinated vote. This is the essence of PLAS.
So Darcy, Tom, Tamara…Can Do?

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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1 Response to Darcy, Tom, Tamara, I am Locked and Loaded, Able and Willing to Hit the Road Running! Let’s Go!…OOPS!

  1. Tamara says:

    Count me in! Let’s do it!

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