Over the years I have not blogged/commented very much on my own websites. Mostly I commented on The Last Free Voice, then Third Party Watch, then Independent Political Report. Then I was banned from commenting on IPR 2 years ago. This represents my efforts to elicit comments from readers and comment/reply myself. It is formatted from the same template as IPR and I have added a monthly Open Thread for any/all kind of comments much like IPR. Since it is my blog which I own the domain and I am the administrator and only one administrator is allowed by WordPress, I cannot be banned!!!!!

To me, the header image I selected represents a sunrise. The beginning of the end for the democrats and republicans via PLAS. The subsequent beginning of a new Progressive Age with the inclusion of the libertarians. The end of all oppressive governments and the beginning of a new age of supersophistication and gracefulness, science and technology, health and happiness, peace and prosperity.

I am hoping to conduct a successful campaign. To see that a fusion ticket is presented to the American People for their consideration; what should turn out to be a three way race. Also to coordinate the downticket candidates and votes such that all ballots have either a progressive Green OR Libertarian as viable third choices. This may very well become the best response to Top Two. Also to insure that a fusion ticket is presented, a new upper left political party that writes a mandate to nominate a fusion ticket into its bylaws. I propose that this party be called The Lexington Green party, created from the remnants of the Boston Tea party.

In addition to administrator, there are 4 other levels of direct participation, editor, author, contributor and follower. I invite you to consider participating at whatever level/position you would like.

I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to the 2016 campaign. I LOOK FORWARD TO SWEEPING OUT THE DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS!!!!!!. We can start now, in special elections and November 2013.
RWM http://www.robertwmilnesforpresident.com/http://www.robertwmilnes.com/

3 Responses to About

  1. Brad Hessel says:

    Do you have an e-mail contact? Would like to send your campaign contact info for our delegates to the convention.

    Brad Hessel
    I/T Manager, LPNC

    • Brad Hessel, thank you for asking..
      I prefer to not publicize my email address. Last time it got hacked and became worthless to me.
      Anyone can comment here at The PLAS Place. I will see the comments even if they don’t come up immediately. That means they are being monitored.
      I will try to reply to all comments here at The PLAS Place.
      This may change if I get a more campaign specific website back up. i.e. there would be an email contact.

  2. N Ukpabi says:

    Dear Mr. Milnes,

    We at Global Advertising Services have been trying to get in touch with you regarding your candidacy and grassroots materials for the 2016 campaign. Here is the link for the promotional collateral for the campaign:


    Please call us at your earliest convenience when you receive this message.


    J. Bailey Morgan

    Global Marketing Director


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