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The possibilities of cryogenics, cloning, head transplant etc.

All humans face growing older and dying. During our lifetimes, which can be from moments to very old age-about 100 years, we face all sorts of health and well being┬áproblems. Genetic defects, disease, accidents, violence etc. We have hospitals. Physical … Continue reading

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Who in Hell was/is Anonymous?

Anonymous was the pseudonym used by somebody with authority in Independent Political Report around July 2011. Anonymous banned me from commenting there. The ground stated was that I had “threatened to spam” IPR. This was not true. But even if … Continue reading

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The PLAS Place is under attack.

  The only other person with editor authority is/was William Saturn. Do you think William Saturn would resort to porn link comments? Or posting a photo of Chairman Mao? I don’t think so. Who might do such a thing? Duh. … Continue reading

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