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Let’s Do Some Construing, shall we?

U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3. Treason. Something has to be done about people, agents, operatives, domestic and foreign, going around the U.S. and screwing with people. For political reasons. Rationale: the ends justify the means. And what is that … Continue reading

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Emergency! Conspiracy to Keep Me from Going to Boulder.

Some things are happening to keep me from going to Boulder. Keep me in NJ. I’d say someone wants me neutralized. Not only kept from Boulder, but kept in NJ under some sort of duress. Homeless, destitute, perhaps even institutionalized. … Continue reading

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Leaving for Boulder Soon III.

See previous posts. Monday morning. RV got taken into the repair shop. Putting on trailer hitch. I was told the mechanic assigned to my RV was sick/out most of last week. And was fired. Also another was out sick. So … Continue reading

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What is an “Unburial”? What is an “Uneviction”?

Hopefully we will find out soon. If Nancy is found and rescued, would that be that? I don’t think so. First there would have to be some sort of press conference/release by SOMEBODY! The family/friends/coworkers etc. The agency that found/rescued … Continue reading

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Leaving for Boulder Soon II.

OK, everybody. The RV finally has the fuel pump/stalling problem fixed. So now it is just a matter of paying the rest of the bill. If anyone can help, please do so. Contact Matthey’s Automotive. See previous post. Then I … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the President, Secretary DHS, Director USSS.

To President Obama, Secretary Johnson, Director Pierson, Greetings. I thank you for your service to our country and your oath to the Constitution. This Open Letter is to request Secret Service protection and investigation pursuant to 18 USC Section 3056 … Continue reading

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