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Emergency fundraising for RV.

There is an old RV that I would like to buy. Recently it was ticketed and towed and wound up parked very near to my RV. My RV is in poor condition. But at least it is roadworthy. The other … Continue reading

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Circumcision? Say WHAT?

WTF! No way, Jose! Get oudda here! Get away from ME! Dr…Mengele? Frankenstein? Are you kidding me? Are you fucking CRAZY? FYI. I am a victim of circumcision. As an infant. My parents are Americans in America, gentile/Christians, not Jewish … Continue reading

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IMO A State of War Exists Between The UNITED STATES and Israel.

It is a matter of who is in power. As long as the democrats and republicans are in power, they will allow Israel to use the FBI’s illegal and unconstitutional surveillance to conduct covert operations in the UNITED STATES with … Continue reading

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