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Are the Camden County and Mount Ephraim Police Honoring My Call for Wawa Boycott?

Like I said here and in Court, I was a longstanding customer of Wawa. Sure I noticed it was a fast food, fast gas place. But I did not know that was Wawa’s policy: customers were to be in and … Continue reading

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Radicals: Boycott facebook, Israel, IPR, all Wawas and all Mount Ephraim, NJ Businesses!

Fortunately, we can do without facebook and IPR. The PLAS Place is formatted by WordPress quite similar to IPR. We can conduct business here. Also we can restart the Boston Tea Party webpage and/or The Lexington Green Party webpage. And … Continue reading

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My Dad Is Getting Worse. I Blame the fbi/mossad.

I talking about my dad’s psychiatric condition. Mostly anxiety, depression. He has told me several times about the close calls he’s had driving. While I am driving him around in his car he is very anxious, seeing a possible accident … Continue reading

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My LPRC Facebook Comments Access Area Seems to Be Gone.

Is this Facebook’s stealth method of blocking someone from commenting? Without telling anyone that person has been blocked? Seems like paulie banali/Warren Solomon has become paulie banali/Mark Zuckerberg.

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My Next LPRadicalCaucus Comment Posted at The PLAS Place Instead of Facebook.

Until I determine whether my comments on Facebook are being deleted, I will make such comments here at The PLAS Place instead. Actually I was going to write my suggestion that the LPRC construct its own website. Precisely because of … Continue reading

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My LPRadicalCaucus Comments on Facebook Deleted?

I wrote two or three comments yesterday. Still there last night. Could not find them this afternoon. Does anyone know anything about this? Please comment here at The PLAS Place.

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Libertarian Party Radical Caucus: Formally Organized

see: Posted on Independent Political Report on March 23 by Caryn Ann Harlos. Finally, something I can work with. Perhaps 2016 will work out much like 2008 except that we can learn from our mistakes this time. IIRC, LPRC … Continue reading

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