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Open Letter to Camden County Police Metro Division/Union

see: previous post, I Am Considering Disobeying Illegal, Immoral Order by Corrupted Judge. FYI: My first cousin once removed(no pun intended) is Scotty, a Camden County Police Officer who coincidentally works in The Hall of Justice. His grandfather, my … Continue reading

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I Am Considering Disobeying Illegal Immoral Order by Corrupted Judge.

That was in favor of the greedy, lying cheating stealing landlord. Now that I have been evicted, all my possessions that I had to leave are gone. Electric taken out of my name. Mail no longer delivered there etc. The … Continue reading

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Questions for Robert Milnes

IPR has dedicated a thread to question candidates for the Libertarian Party’s 2016 presidential nomination. Because of his ban from IPR, Robert Milnes cannot participate. ¬†However, he can participate here. Please ask any questions you have for him below.

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