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Another RV Non-Start/Ticket Incident.

One thing about my RV. IT STARTS! It always has, right from the start! The guy I bought it from must have known there was a fuel pump problem, so he must have loaded the carb just before I arrived. … Continue reading

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Surveillance TV Solo Male Masturbation Show/ Kate Upton Jerk Off Challenge.

As reported previously here at The PLAS Place, I am convinced the U.S. surveillance system is so sophisticated it can receive images from a tv set from inside a building/house/rv. This is evidently Top Secret. After all, how would the … Continue reading

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Clueless Libertarians About to Throw Out Possible Election Victory with the Bathwater. AGAIN!

Bathe obliviously in the preelection bathtub libertarians and greens. The libertarians COULD win MANY elections; about 50%. IF they made certain arrangements with the progressives. Perhaps most important is nominating a fusion ticket. A progressive president, libertarian vice president, preferably … Continue reading

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ZOG Tightens Death Grip on Libertarian Presidential Nomination Right in Front of Everyone.

see: Here we see ZOG candidate Gary Johnson associate Alicia Dearn announcing for vp position on ticket. Clearly this is to have the potential to block a PLAS woman vp candidate and ruin a PLAS ticket for a viable … Continue reading

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Third Party Saint Richard Winger Reveals Himself to Be a Traitor to the Libertarian Movement and The UNITED STATES

see: Press Release: Third Party Advocate Richard Winger Endorses Governor Gary Johnson for President posted on Independent Political Report on April 21, 2016 by Jill Pyeatt. Over the years I had several, usually lengthy in time and words, email … Continue reading

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What ALL Libertarians Should Ask Each Other.

And Greens, too. Are you jewish? Are you not jewish but support Israel? Are you a dhs/fbi and/or mossad agent or operative? FURTHER, they should check into the answer they get.

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William S. Saturn: Will Not Attend Libertarian National Convention.

see: Why not, WSS? This is a great opportunity. Lots of material for The Saturnalian, Wikipedia, IPR. etc. Right up your alley.

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The Government Death Dealers.

Government is the ultimate power. Ultimate knower of secrets. Ultimate doer. Oh, sure, private enterprise can now launch a rocket into space. Maybe it can do it better, cheaper. But government HAD to do it first. Could you imagine a … Continue reading

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A Call for Progressive Men to Be the PLAS Fusion Presidential Candidate.

For quite some time I have called for a libertarian woman to join me in a PLAS fusion ticket as vp candidate. There seems to be a rash of libertarian presidential candidates picking their preference for vp candidate in the … Continue reading

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On My Plan to Go to the Libertarian National Convention.

May 27-30 in Orlando, FL. The goal is to persuade the delegates to nominate a fusion ticket. That is a progressive man for president, libertarian woman for vice president. Then coordinate the down ticket ballots and vote at about 50/50 … Continue reading

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