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Robert Milnes Banned from Commenting at Knappster!

Message from Disqus” We are unable to post your comment because you have been banned by Knappster.”

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Federal Court Order Needed to Make U.S. Elections Credible.

Unless the Courts have become too corrupted. For some time, Donald Trump has been making allegations that the election is rigged. However, when he hesitated to say that he would accept the results, he escalated the complaints to another level. … Continue reading

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I Say William Stinglen Death Scene FAKE.

Yes, I saw the death scene. He was sitting in his Lazy Boy with his headphones on in front of his big screen which was on. All looked in order. Yet, something is wrong. ANOTHER coincidence? Another death or mischief … Continue reading

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William Charles Stinglen 1952-2016.

Today I got a call from the Gloucester Township police informing me that my Uncle Bill was found in his apartment deceased. I was stunned. He had just been released from a rehab. True he was a recovering alcoholic and … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Says Election Rigged (by Israel?); Billary Whines WikiLeaks (by Russians?).

Yes, the U.S. elections are rigged. Especially the U.S. Presidential elections. But it is of far greater magnitude than ballot box stuffing which is virtually nonexistent or dredging up past alleged indescretions. The very fact that there are only two … Continue reading

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UNITED STATES Marines, American First Responders: RESCUE AMERICA!…and my father.

U.S. and Israel, staunch allies in the war on terror. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, how does this sound? Israel, a nuclear armed apartheid terrorist state, is enabled by the U.S. via the United Nations, and manipulates it to join … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Nick Sarwark, LNC Chair.

Nick, Please read the below article : A Quick Fix for American Presidential Elections.” The LP is good at litigation How about filing something that actually might help your party from getting lost in Duverger’s Law? Again! All the ballot … Continue reading

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