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Camden County, NJ, Boulder County, CO, Police, You Must Surround Federal Building, Arrest All Inside.

Bring state RICO charges against all dhs/fbi agents and employees. RICO: Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization.

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This morning-Tuesday-on CBS This Morning there was a report about the Orlando mass shooting. It was mentioned that it was a significant coincidence that two horrible murder incidents happened within a couple of days and a couple of miles apart … Continue reading

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Exhume Ruth Blumenstein, Exhume Nancy Benson. NOW!

For leaflets see: Everyone/anyone who is interested in finding out what happened to people on my “List of the Disappeared” is asked to speak up now, and act. Exhume these two graves, with or without legal authorization. The legal … Continue reading

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UNITED STATES Soldiers: Stand By.

You may be ordered to attack civilians/citizens conducting an impromptu exhumation without legal authority. You must disobey those orders. Those civilians/citizens may be observed and/or protected by local First Responders, police, firefighters, paramedics and/or other personnel. You must disobey those … Continue reading

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Camden County NJ, Boulder County, CO Police: Stand By for Impromptu Exhumation.

You must not intervene. In so doing, you may be attacked by dhs/fbi and/or mossad agents or operatives or zealot, rogue American jews. The county, state and federal governments are compromised, not reliable. You may get orders to intervene in … Continue reading

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Gov. Cuomo: NY Must Divest Funds Linked to Israel Boycotts. -AP Governor Cuomo-reactionary racist apartheid counterrevolutionary theocracy Israel Lover! NY, NY. Heimietown. The jews must OWN NY by now. Interesting conversation about this in IPR comments. Tom Knapp v Gene Berkman.

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What I Suspect Is Going On Around Me Now.

I suspect my friend in CA is involved in getting tricked into going into a hard rock mine which then would be collapsed on him. I suspect my cousin is getting tricked into getting into my car-a small Honda Civic, … Continue reading

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I Hereby Declare My Candidacy for the Green Party Presidential Nomination.

I had campaigned for the Libertarian party nomination. They require that a candidate seek ONLY their party nomination. However the LP has had their convention and made their choice. I have written a Complaint, Protest and Demand and posted here … Continue reading

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The Phenomenon of The Jews: What to Do.

The Jews are a phenomenon associated with mass neurosis associated capitalism. Hence are very unique internationally. Civilization started in The Old World (as opposed to The New World/1492 Columbus voyage) in the Middle East. Individual living, caves, nomadic etc. To … Continue reading

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Libertarian National Committee: My Complaint, Protest, Demand.

The Libertarian Party conducted its convention a few days ago. It was a FARCE! ESPECIALLY the presidential nomination. I DEMAND A DO-OVER. Of AT LEAST the presidential nomination. The problem is the LP is surveilled, infiltrated and controlled by the … Continue reading

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