Finally, At Long Last, A Rational Discussion About a Possible Fusion Ticket/Campaign By Someone Other Than Me. by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

It happened in Independent Political Report in comments to this article:
Florida Reform Party Chair Joe Wendt Announces POTUS Bid.

Basically Wendt declared his candidacy and several commenters reacted.
William Saturn and Wendt got into a back and forth smear of each other via link love.
Then Darcy Richardson, a candidate for the Reform party nomination with Tom Knapp in 2016 commented about the state of affairs in American politics today and what might could be done about unfair/unrepresentative elections. Note that I endorsed Richardson/Knapp with the comment that this ticket COULD be a fusion (PLAS) ticket, but unfortunately they probably do not even realize it. But now, maybe they do.
Then Tom commented about his vision about how such a fusion ticket might be formed involving multiple third parties and how the nomination process and campaign might proceed.
Now here is what I propose: Move the discussion here, at The PLAS Place. For one reason, I am banned from commenting there by IPR owner Warren Solomon Redlich and enforcer paulie cannoli frankel. Encourage others to join in the discussion. I submit Richardson/Knapp as a possible fusion ticket. However I would prefer Tom’s wife, Tamara, as vp. We need a woman in the high position. And Tom, who actually was my campaign manager briefly, might be better placed in that position. Now withy me as Special Consultant, we have the makins of a winning campaign team!

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Candidate for President of the UNITED STATES for /2004/2008/2012/2016/2020.
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7 Responses to Finally, At Long Last, A Rational Discussion About a Possible Fusion Ticket/Campaign By Someone Other Than Me. by Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

  1. NewFederalist says:

    Geez… you’re still alive!

  2. rwm4prez2012 says:

    Hey, Omma Joisie Boy.
    Fugget Abouddit.
    I almost went gold mining in CA this summer. But stayed to go to Green Annual Meeting in Salem, MA in July, my birthday. But that didn’t work out either!

    • NewFederalist says:

      Do you ever comment at Ballot Access News? Richard Winger’s site is getting more traffic than IPR lately. He also doesn’t ban folks from BAN.

  3. rwm4prez2012 says:

    Sorry, fell asleep. (I do NOT have narcolepsy!) I all but begged Richard to endorse PLAS for years. Then when Saturn failed a second time to get me restored to comment at IPR and people like Richard -and Tom Knapp-did not support Saturn, I gave up on everybody and came here to TPP as a kind of hermit. Knapp actually added insult to injury by banning me from Knappster, his blog. Darryl Perry piled on by banning my email. Funny thing about Darryl. One of the first things he did upon the Tiffany Briscoe nomination for BTP 2012 was to get on Russian RT tv. Hmmmm.
    Well, if the discussion moves to BAN, I would certainly consider commenting there..

  4. J.R.Myers says:

    We’ve been trying to accomplish something similiar, it is an uphill climb! &

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