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Lockout/eviction hearing Thursday, May 1, 10 am./Update.

Can a landlord get ALL the rent AND the lockout/eviction? AND most of the tenant’s belongings? In a case where the ONLY issue is the rent? I have no legal assistance. lsnj/southjerseylegalservices informed me they had limited funds and had … Continue reading

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Another wild and crazy conspiracy theory.

Hmmmm. Wednesday morning I go to the office to serve a copy of my petition for Order to Show Cause. Landlord signs and mentions his lawyer might ask for a postponement. A little while later, phone call from the Court … Continue reading

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Pricks, bitches, assholes.

This post is to list people and/or groups/organizations, that have said or done something that negatively affects me.  Whether deliberately or not. I will describe the circumstances as objectively as I can with as many facts as I can. I … Continue reading

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Politically motivated aggressive pursuit of lockout/eviction and sabotage of defense?

I think so. They must have known the Absurd document of December 11 was absurd. But, if I yield to it, it works. Yesterday I finally got the Request for Warrant for Removal. At @2 pm. I calculated I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Update on imminent lockout/eviction, another stolen laptop, RV from Hell etc.

Well, at least the record cold winter is over. No more polar vortexes-for now. Yes, my laptop was stolen-again. I am awaiting Court ordered Warrant for Removal. At which time I will file an Order to Show Cause. Hopefully the … Continue reading

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Three major party system in the UNITED STATES?

Yes, it is possible. The third party would be Roosevelt’s Progressive party. OR, if the Green party would add a libertarian caucus. This would also correspond to Dr. Carl Milsted’s “new upper left party”  See to be continued…

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Emergency! Help!

Someone stole my laptop. I am getting set up for lockout/eviction in a few days. I need a replacement laptop and legal assistance. I had an HP Windows 7 i5. Bought used after my previous one was stolen. About $525. … Continue reading

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