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What the United Nations Should Do Promptly About Israel and The Jews. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I have written about this here before. But I have put further thought into it. I had thought about after the dissolution of Israel by the UN rescinding its resolutions creating Israel, a dispersal of the Jews equally among the … Continue reading

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The Solution to American School Mass Shootings Is…Already in There! -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Schools as Inverse Quarantine Centers for Youth. The Solution to American school mass shootings is consequential to the solution to American violence. Which is a consequence to the solution to world violence. Which is a world/universal problem. Which is the … Continue reading

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Announcing My Candidacy for President of the UNITED STATES for 2020. -Robert W. Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Greetings all. With this post I announce my candidacy. This is my fifth election cycle. Note that Salvador Allende was elected on his fourth try. As before, I seek the Green and/or Libertarian party nominations. Failing that, an Independent run. … Continue reading

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