Clinton Opens Door to Questioning Legitimacy of 2016 Election. -Dan Merica, CNN on MSN

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What About My Complaint in US District Court? re: 2016 Election Do-Over with Top Ten. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

August 11, 2017 Last Activity Case 1:17-cv-04222-RMB-AMD. Warning: Case closed 7/06/2017.
Case dismissed without prejudice i.e. I believe that means the case can be refiled. Perhaps it was filed not complying with Court rules.
So I did refile on August 11. No docket activity since, a little over a month.
Now, I am a patient man. But how long can nothing happen? Especially when if there is a ruling favorable to the plaintiff (me) it would involve at least preparing for another or rather a modified election in November, 2017.
I thought there would be some activity by now. Perhaps a new case opened or the old case reopened. But nothing.
I am considering protesting with signs and leaflets outside the US Courthouse in Camden, NJ. Possibly I could walk the short distance from the US courthouse to the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office/City Hall across the street then to the next street, Camden County Hall of justice, then back.
I hereby call on the NJ and PA Green and Libertarian parties to join me.

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9/11: Ingenious, Heinous Covert Operation by The ZOG. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

American, Israeli intelligence = ZOG action.
American, Israeli intelligence recruits Saudi Intelligence for joint covert operation.
False Flag operation. False attackers. False blame for attack.
“Islamic terrorists” gets blamed for attack. When actually it was Israel.
With US support.
The actual attackers were Saudi religious zealots recruited by Saudi intelligence for a suicide mission.
Which is fine for religious zealots. They become martyrs.
Were those buildings WTC constructed with sabotaged materials?
To be detonated sometime in the future if needed?
Like magnesium imbedded I beams with built in fuse detonators with remote controlled activation/ignition?
At a 45 degree angle?
Dead Americans = expendable collateral damage self inflicted.
Especially first responders. They are ok with risking their lives.
So what if some of them die? They can be memorialized as heroes.
Next major operation-invasion of Afghanistan.
The same Iraq that hit Israel with Scud missiles?
Well, America can get retaliation for Israel.
American soldiers can die for Israel.
The worst terrorist state in history.
Worst case scenario: a nuclear armed terrorist state; ISRAHELL!
Die for IsraHell, foolish American soldiers.
Or have jewish babies and give your wealth and political power to IsraHell,
Like Caroline Kennedy. ZOGGED and jewed. Poor Sweet Caroline.
After The ZOG kills your father, POTUS JFK.
He had to die. He was too liberal in the Cold War.
And he was expendable Irish Catholic.

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Hurricane Scientists Have Never Seen An Image Like This Before. -Molly Rubin, Quartz on MSN.

Climate change is a national security issue. Trump fails spectacularly.

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Masked Anarchists Violently Rout Right-Wing Demonstrators in Berkeley. -Lizzie Johnson, Erin Allday, Michael Cabanatuan, Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle on MSN.

Well, well, well. What have we here?
Nazi Germany/Hitler=Soviet Union/Stalin?

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Why the “Punching Nazis” Logic Leads to Punching More Than Nazis. -Mahdi Barakat, The Federalist.

And while Antifa and so called radical leftists are busy punching Nazis, Israel is busy stabbing all of them in the back while laughing out loud.

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I Call Upon American Jews to Petition Israel To Negotiate with the United Nations for a Final Solution.

see: Charlottesville Cops Refused to Protect Synagogue. -Jack Moore, Newsweek on MSN.

Is this an accurate report?
If so, then I can offer an interpretation.
It looks to me like the American First Responders are sending a message to Israel; that they know about their surveillance and covert operations, in America and the world. That many of these covert operations result in injury and death to First Responders. That they do not have enough power to invade and destroy Israel or the authority to negotiate with Israel. That is the authority of the US State Department. They would do either one or the other if they could. However they do have the power to minimize/conceal their protection of the American jews and synagogues.
I believe that the Charlotte police did not shirk their duty to protect all citizens in Charlotte. That there was probably an observer who had access to various information and capabilities in protecting the jews and the synagogue. Perhaps in a nearby headquarters/mobile unit. However, they probably deliberately left it out of sight. They probably observed the reported 3 armed protesters across the street. But to the people at the synagogue it appeared that they were not protected. Perhaps they relied on this report getting back to Israel.
Now, here at The PLAS Place, I have described my formulation of a final solution to the problem of the jews. It involves a thorough study of the jews and a resolution in the U.N. that reverses the resolutions creating Israel; replacing them with a segregated area in each member nation proportionately for them. Monitored, protected. Prevented from congregating in one or two areas. Prevented from intermixing with other races/ethnicities. From gaining an advantage over others and exploiting it. From having an army and navy and nuclear weapons.
Then, NEVER AGAIN will the world be terrorized by Israel.
see also: Gettysburg Officials: Confederate Monuments Here to Stay. Dustin B. Levy, USA Today on MSN.

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