Masked Anarchists Violently Rout Right-Wing Demonstrators in Berkeley. -Lizzie Johnson, Erin Allday, Michael Cabanatuan, Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle on MSN.

Well, well, well. What have we here?
Nazi Germany/Hitler=Soviet Union/Stalin?

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Why the “Punching Nazis” Logic Leads to Punching More Than Nazis. -Mahdi Barakat, The Federalist.

And while Antifa and so called radical leftists are busy punching Nazis, Israel is busy stabbing all of them in the back while laughing out loud.

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I Call Upon American Jews to Petition Israel To Negotiate with the United Nations for a Final Solution.

see: Charlottesville Cops Refused to Protect Synagogue. -Jack Moore, Newsweek on MSN.

Is this an accurate report?
If so, then I can offer an interpretation.
It looks to me like the American First Responders are sending a message to Israel; that they know about their surveillance and covert operations, in America and the world. That many of these covert operations result in injury and death to First Responders. That they do not have enough power to invade and destroy Israel or the authority to negotiate with Israel. That is the authority of the US State Department. They would do either one or the other if they could. However they do have the power to minimize/conceal their protection of the American jews and synagogues.
I believe that the Charlotte police did not shirk their duty to protect all citizens in Charlotte. That there was probably an observer who had access to various information and capabilities in protecting the jews and the synagogue. Perhaps in a nearby headquarters/mobile unit. However, they probably deliberately left it out of sight. They probably observed the reported 3 armed protesters across the street. But to the people at the synagogue it appeared that they were not protected. Perhaps they relied on this report getting back to Israel.
Now, here at The PLAS Place, I have described my formulation of a final solution to the problem of the jews. It involves a thorough study of the jews and a resolution in the U.N. that reverses the resolutions creating Israel; replacing them with a segregated area in each member nation proportionately for them. Monitored, protected. Prevented from congregating in one or two areas. Prevented from intermixing with other races/ethnicities. From gaining an advantage over others and exploiting it. From having an army and navy and nuclear weapons.
Then, NEVER AGAIN will the world be terrorized by Israel.
see also: Gettysburg Officials: Confederate Monuments Here to Stay. Dustin B. Levy, USA Today on MSN.

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Charlottesville: Another Covert Operation? -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Once again? After Pearl Harbor, JFK, 9/11 et al. Haven’t we learned yet?
True, this is not of such magnitude. But clearly the same operators. The same tactics, targets and victims.
And a target is often a victim also. In this case the Alt-Right.
Historically, the Alt-Right is heavily surveilled and targeted by covert operations and infiltrated and suppressed by the secret police.
The ZOG, dhs/fbi and the mossad. Before Israel, by the Zionists.
As is the radical left.
So, knowing this, what can we determine in this case?
First Responder and civilian injured and/or killed. They are collateral damage; expendable. SOP.
Well, we should look closely at the video that has been publicized; having learned from the Zapruder film. Almost certainly there was operatives in place to observe and record. To capitalize/exploit in one way or another.
And the “accident” involving the police helicopter. Interesting how that has been spinned into the Alt-Right’s fault.
And Governor Terry McAuliffe, DEMOCRAT, blaming the Alt-Right and calling for them to leave Charlottesville.
The other significant event, the car deliberately driven into the crowd. The operator evidently a known alt-right sympathizer. Almost certainly this was NOT done in collusion with the Alt-right organizers. So, was it COMPLETELY a lone wolf act or was it a manipulated collusive act? By whom? Note that I heard his mother’s name is Samantha Bloom(?)(sp?).
The various investigations? By the ZOG, of course! FBI, NTSB FAA, Grand Juries etc.
TWO DEAD COPS. Well, this was a major incident with no major injuries basically winding down UNTIL THE CAR INTO THE CROWD AND
Somebody needed some bodies. For headlines and major blame for the Alt-Right. Who might that be?
The 5 Dancing Israelis? Watching the Twin Towers fall.
Lots of dead cops there.
Lots of Islamists (enemies of Israel) to blame there.
Alt-Right = Enemies of Israel.

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Green Party of New York Publishes Open Letter to Schumer and Gillibrand Opposing Israel Anti-Boycott Act -S.72. -Independent Political Report.

Posted on August 13, 2017 by Wang Tang-Fu.

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New Activity in US District Court for New Jersey. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

Basically I refiled the original complaint after the Appellate Court denied the appeal due to not paying the filing fee.
The previous docket number was mentioned. So I am wondering whether that case will be reopened or a new case number assigned.
On my own- I have no legal assistance- I figured That my previous Complaint was denied due to at least one filing error I made. So I corrected the most obvious one; I did not serve opposing counsel-the US Attorney. So I did that with Certificate of Service this time.
Now I await whether my Complaint gets docketed and whether my Application to proceed IFP is granted.
If that happens, I will promptly file at least 2 motions. For some crazy reason there are only 2 days/month for motions. And there must be a Notice filed. I guess the judges do not like surprises or to have to respond quickly. One will be for Pro Bono assisting counsel. Unless I can find compatible legal counsel on my own. Another will be for an Order to begin(make preparations) a Top Ten revote.
This is important; the reason for this whole Complaint; the correct remedy for the 2016 elections. We must have the six significant parties on all ballots. Plus at least 4 Independents on all ballots. That will level the playing field, so to speak. It would do little good to revote under the previous format. That will result in the Top two again; the republican and the democrat. The same old unfair and unrepresentative elections.
Maybe Trump would win again. Maybe not; Billary would. Or maybe the republicans would run someone else. Or the democrats. Doesn’t matter much from a third party/fair and representative perspective. Just another Constitutional, but unfair and unrepresentative, election.
Level the playing field, and suddenly fair and representative election possibilities are in play. Like in France but without the runoff(subsequent) election if necessary for a majority. In the USA, plurality victory is acceptable and coincidentally most fair and representative.
Also at this time I may ask Richard Winger and/or Christina Tobin to file an Amicus Curiae brief.

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Boycott/Protest My Father Being Held at the Veterans Administration CLC in Philadelphia. -Robert Milnes at The PLAS Place.

I am boycotting visiting my father at the VA Community Living Center in Philadelphia in protest. I ask everyone to do likewise, including staff there. Be sure to let everyone know of this; it would not do much good to be silent about it.
I don’t know what else to do.
I cannot afford an attorney to contest this in the courts. Even if I could, I am not very confident in the courts after my experiences. But on the other hand, I would be willing to give the courts a fair try. This is a good example of the need for legal system reform in America. Specifically how legal services are dispensed. Medical services on the other hand, are fairly well dispensed. For example, if you have an urgent medical problem, you can go to any emergency room and they MUST serve you. Here, I have an urgent legal problem and cannot get legal services.
Philadelphia Veterans Administration Community Living Center
3461 Civic Center Boulevard 215-823-4500/5800.
Admissions Coordinators Andrea Chapman ext. 3917, Kurt Quemore ext. 6355.
My position is that my father should be with me. Further, he should have been with me since the time my sister sold his condo. About 15 years ago. Instead she took him into her toxic house. In the least I should have been consulted when my father was taken by my sister and brother in law to the Care One rehab in Moorestown, NJ and then to the CLC. I was not. In the least his living with me should be given a fair try. This was not even discussed/considered to the best of my knowledge.
Further, I am suspicious that this whole situation has been set up to entrap me into a kidnapping charge. In my last phone conversation with case manager Kurt Quemore and nurse practitioner Lois Woodside, it was explained to me their position on my father being there and if I tried to take him from the premises, I would be arrested for kidnapping. Then they hanged up.
Who would set me up? Try the democratic/republican parties, the fbi/dhs, the Mossad.
In a previous conversation, Kurt advised me that there was a case meeting in which my sister was present and I was not informed about. And there was a meeting in which my father was asked if he wanted to consult an attorney and he said no.
I’m sorry but I consider this meeting to be unreliable. My father is very mad at my sister and brother in law and afraid of them. He told me so. They placed him there presumably regardless of what he said. He is in a strange place with strange people. He is confused and intimidated PLUS HE IS BEING DRUGGED without my oversight. ANYTHING HE SAYS OR DOES IS UNRELIABLE. THIS IS NOT A NORTH KOREAN DETENTION CAMP. MY sister is power of attorney but is not an attorney. Therefore my father has not had legal counsel for quite some time.
Further, and I told Kurt this, I do not trust my sister and/or the government. BY extension I do not trust him or the doctors there. I think he has been misdiagnosed as having dementia or he has been drugged/poisoned into such a state. There is a diagnosis of “prescribed medication induced psychosis”. Prescription drugs or poison.
I am suspicious of how he was so quick to not be able to walk and then not recovering in rehab.
I want my father taken to Cooper Hospital in Camden and examined including a tox screen. Then I want him detoxed of whatever drugs he is on and evaluated psychiatrically. There is a psych/eval unit at Cooper.

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